Hi, my name is

Václav Vančura

I am a game developer and designer with a long history in user interface design, iconography, and illustration.

I am a game developer and designer all day long: during the day, I work on a new (and not announced yet) game for Universal Entities, and a personal game called Vladimír at night. We released Laserboy in 2022, which you can play for free on Steam and Itch.io.

I used to work at Microsoft, where I led the design of Visual Studio for Mac and worked on numerous other projects in R&D. Although I enjoyed my time there, my passion for game design and development eventually led me to follow a different path. Perhaps one day I will be back at the user interface design and everything related, but now it’s games for me!

You can join me on Mastodon and LinkedIn, so feel free to say hi!

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